In Virginia there is a company called Civica. It’s a nonprofit pharmaceutical company…to bring both low prices, but also transparency to prescription drugs. Last year, Civica announced that they’ll manufacture and distribute affordable insulin products that are interchangeable with most popular brand names currently on the market. Civica’s insulins will be available to consumers at no more than 30 dollars per vial or 55 dollars for 5 pens. No rebates, no opaque discounts, a price everyone can count on. I’m grateful that this innovative nonprofit has stepped in to increase competition in the market, ensure people have access, and bring more transparency.

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, (D-VA)
During a May 2023 Senate HELP Committee hearing on affordable insulin

The potential business fix comes in the form of a new entrant — a private, nonprofit company called Civica — which announced that it intends to bypass the traditional supply chain and sell interchangeable biosimilar insulin products at substantially reduced prices, beginning in 2024. If this approach leads to a sustained drop in insulin prices, it will illuminate the pathophysiology of market failure in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry and provide proof of concept for a radical treatment.


Civica has experience with the effects of dysfunction in the pharmaceutical market. Launched in 2018 by seven health care delivery systems (including Intermountain Healthcare, which I advise on unrelated issues) and three philanthropic groups, Civica initially set out to address chronic shortages of generic drugs that are essential to inpatient care, such as broad-spectrum antibiotics, anticoagulants, and intravenous sedatives. Today, Civica sells more than 50 generic sterile injectable drugs to more than 1500 hospital members.

Leemore S. Dafny, Ph.D.
New England Journal of Medicine

High quality, modern insulin must be available to people with diabetes, without barriers and at an affordable and predictable price point. Beyond Type 1 supports Civica’s future entry into the marketplace, and all efforts to make insulin more accessible to those in need.

Tracey McCarter, Interim CEO and Board Member

This is an important milestone in our continued partnership with Civica as we advance our shared goal of ensuring consumers can access low-cost prescription medications when they need them most. Access to affordable insulin can be the difference between life and death for diabetics – and we’re proud to be a part of Civica’s effort to ensure that millions of Americans have access to the medicine they need at a price they can afford. When we come together, we can make health care more affordable.

Kim Keck, President and CEO

For decades, patients living with diabetes have been victim to drug company price gouging. Today’s announcement turns that narrative on its head, shifts power back into the hands of patients, and demonstrates the disruptive force of CIVICA in the pharmaceutical industry. The Gary and Mary West Foundation is committed to developing and supporting innovative solutions to combat the high cost of prescription drugs in American that harm seniors and patients of all ages, and we are proud to have CIVICA as a strong partner in these efforts.

Shelley Lyford, CEO and Chair

The current high-priced environment for insulin has resulted in some people being forced to ration the insulin they need. Long-term complications include heart disease, kidney damage, blindness, and more. But well-controlled diabetes reduces the incidence of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, amputation, and renal failure needing dialysis. This game-changing move by Civica will produce a tremendous health benefit for the millions of individuals who have the disease.

Marc Harrison, MD, CEO and President

The Civica Insulin Development Project is a tremendous step forward to make insulin accessible for all, regardless of insurance status, and address a national crisis. JDRF is firm in its stance that people with insulin-dependent diabetes should not have to choose between food and shelter or life-saving medicine because of its cost. This project will make a real difference for millions of Americans, including those living with T1D, and we are proud to support it.


I think it's going to be transformative.

Aaron Kowalski, Ph. D., CEO

Affordable access to high-quality medication is critical to ensuring the health of all people and is often unattainable to those who need it most. At Kaiser Permanente, our strong focus on providing excellent pharmaceutical care keeps costs down and helps improve outcomes for our members, and we continue to advocate for lower prescription drug prices and support new solutions that improve the overall prescription drug marketplace. Our partnership with CivicaRx is another example of our commitment and we are pleased with this latest action to provide insulin at prices diabetic patients can afford.

Greg A. Adams, Chair and CEO

Far too often, life-saving medications like insulin are unaffordable or unavailable, tragically burdening millions of Americans. Civica’s transformative effort will help ensure that patients can get the medicine they need, while also improving the performance and sustainability of our nation’s healthcare system.

Michael A. Peterson, CEO

Providence believes that health is a human right, and we’re committed to ensuring everyone has an opportunity to achieve health. For under- and uninsured people with diabetes, insulin is simply too expensive, which is why we are committed to our work with Civica to ensure we can get affordable prescription drugs to those who need them most.

Dr. Rod Hochman, President and CEO

Insulin is a human right and a daily necessity for people with Type 1 diabetes (T1D). Without it they will die. We have an obligation to ensure that all who need insulin can afford it. We are proud to join CIVICA and other like-minded groups as we all put patients over profit.

David Panzirer, Trustee

For far too long, people with diabetes and their families have been forced to ration or skip entirely insulin required to stay healthy and alive due to the inflated cost of this life sustaining drug. Transcarent, which is focused on making health and care more affordable for everyone, is proud to support Civica’s plans to sell its insulins at a single, transparent price, which is based on the actual production cost and not inflated due to rebates and artificial price increases by intermediaries focused exclusively on profits. This is exactly what health consumers, that’s all of us and our families, and Transcarent’s self-insured employer clients who pay for health and care have wanted for many years. I’m proud to be a part of making this dream of affordable insulin for all a reality.

Glen Tullman, CEO at Transcarent, Glen Tullman Family Foundation Founder

Today's announcement shows us what is possible when we work together. Providing insulin at an affordable price will undoubtedly improve the health and lives of countless people, particularly those who are most vulnerable in our communities. Trinity Health believes that every person deserves access to affordable healthcare and medications, and we are proud to partner with Civica Rx to lead this effort.

Lou Fierens, Executive Vice President, Administrative Services at Trinity Health, Civica Rx Board Member and Civica Foundation Board Chair